Well its been a long time coming but I’ve finally reached a pinnacle point in my indie game dev journey…im now a multi-platform publisher. That’s right, starting right now you can download and kick some ass across the orient on your iOS devices. Feel the the smacks and thrills of your sword as you run across town after town beating up bad guys, uncovering secret areas and collecting rewards along the way. But the action doesn’t stop here as I’m planning on publishing my game on Steam later this year so you can hack n’ slash with your keyboard if you prefer.

I’d like thank everyone who tried out Shadow of the Orient on Google Play and here’s hoping the iOS port expands the player base further. I still have a long way from reaching my goal of 1 million downloads on each platform but I’m determined to accomplish that feat…and then some.

You can download and play Shadow of the Orient on your preferred mobile device using the links below:

Enjoy the game!