Welcome to Spacelab Games

We’re a small indie game dev studio with big ambitions to create the most compelling and exciting mobile game experiences. Our journey is just beginning but we hope you hop along for the ride to experience what we have to offer with our unique style and creativity.

A message from the founder

Hi, my name is Leo Nanfara and I’ve been playing video games since the age of 5 (roughly 37 years). I was plunged into the world of video games when my dad brought home an Atari 7800 and I can remember playing a lot of Jungle Hunt and Missile Command. I started my career in the early 2000’s as a 3d artist but later on I shifted more towards programming. During my career i created flash games for clients and now I’m focusing on creating mobile games with Unity. My goal is create fun and compelling gameplay experiences that hearken back to the 16-bit retro games that I grew up with…one of the best eras of gaming in my opinion. Whether you grew up with the retro games of the 80’s/90’s or not makes no difference…pixel art games are still a thing of beauty to this very day for all to experience and enjoy – so I hope you find some enjoyment in what I set out to create.

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