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What are tuples in Unity?

Ever wondered if it was possible to store and return multiple values from a variable or method in Unity? Well its possible and that’s where a tuple comes into play. While i haven’t used a tuple myself for any particular projects i can see the benefit of using them in certain scenarios. To sum it …

Working with structs in Unity

I’ve often heard the term “struct” thrown around in the Unity universe by several Youtubers such as Jason Weimann, Code monkey and several others but to be honest I’ve never really used them until recently. You see the “struct” concept is a bit alien to me having come from a web development background programming mostly …

Should you develop games as a hobby after work?

I recently came across a video on Youtube titled “Can you develop games as a hobby after work?” which caught my curiosity and so i decided to give the video a watch. For the next 10 minutes of my life i was watching someone cooking breakfast, working out and walking his dog and thought the …

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