Well its been a long time coming but after 2.5 years of part-time development I’m happy to announce that the full campaign for Shadow of the Orient has been completed is now live on Google Play. I would like to thank all of the early access players who provided me with valuable feedback and most of that feedback was implemented into the game. The full release is a much more polished game and I’m pretty proud of the game that I created. Is it the greatest platformer game ever created? well that’s just a dumb question in my opinion cause for all i know some alien in another galaxy created the greatest platformer of all time. My game is just another 2D action platformer game set in the near east which contains fun combat action, challenging environments, epic boss fights, beautiful pixel art and a catchy musical score. The game was meant to be fun and that’s what I set out to create…a fun action platformer for mobile platforms. Whether its the greatest this or that makes no difference to me.

So play it for yourself and you be the judge of whether or not its a good game…art is subjective after all.

If you’re interested in hosting the game on your site (a WebGL version is available) then feel free to get in touch with me at leo@spacelabgames.com.

A full Presskit is also available for indie dev marketing sites interested in reviewing my game or publishing an article for their site.

For more info on Shadow of the Orient check out the official website here.