Release Log

Last updated Feb. 20 2024

v1.7.9 (Pending release)

  • Weapon hit detection improved
  • Player hit feedback audio sound changed


  • Live shop is now disabled by default – can be re-enabled under More Options for players who prefer IAP (Android only)
  • Premium purchase price has been slightly increased but now offers 1000 coins and 500 gems of each color as a purchase bonus (Android only)
  • Weapon inventory bug fixed


  • Live shop item receipt bug fixed
  • Sword of Justice ground attack animations updated


  • Font style changed on Act 1-1 banner tips
  • Font size slightly increased on Act 1-1 banner tips
  • Level 2 camera size is now the default size


  • Minor visual bugs fixed


  • Game startup tips updated
  • New weapon tip added on Act 1-1


  • Minor gameplay changes made on Act 1-1
  • Archer AI attack state has been modified for easy and hard modes


  • Bug fixed with “Go Premium” button on home screen


  • Live shop items reordered
  • Premium edition purchase now includes 300 coins and 300 gems of each color as a purchase bonus


  • Hand combat strike range increased
  • Head stomp bug fixed
  • Head stomp hit area increased
  • Minor gameplay tweaks on challenge mode level 1


  • Startup game tip can now be skipped by tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Camera zoom levels have been reversed
  • Fixed joystick bug fixed upon selecting “Mobile” controls from the controls screen during gameplay


  • Gameplay adjustments made to challenge mode to better accommodate the d-pad controls
  • Minor game changes on Act 1-1


  • Default game difficulty bug fixed
  • Default mobile control joystick switched to d-pad
  • Minor game bugs fixed
  • Minor game tweaks made


  • Minor bugs fixed
  • AI adjustments made on snake enemy


  • Minor gameplay adjustments
  • Guailong’s Blade and the Hell Slayer Axe can now be found in hidden areas on certain levels (picked up weapons do not persist upon death unless they have been purchased from the game shop)
  • Google play authentication status added on home screen (Android only)

v1.6.4 (Android only)

  • API level bug fixed


  • Transition between double jump and climb state is now faster and more responsive


  • Start-up game tips updated


  • Minor code refactoring


  • Changes have been made to the d-pad controls and now take up less space on the screen
  • Several challenge mode levels have been modified including the removal of the bat on challenge mode level 1
  • New “Weapon Auto Equip” option added under “More Options” in game settings
  • “More Options” menu is now accessible through the Pause menu
  • Reward ads can now be enabled/disabled during gameplay from the “More Options” under game settings (only applies with premium purchase)
  • Android version 9 and older is no longer supported due to hardware and performance issues with old devices prior to 2019 (Android only)
  • Weapon swap bug and additional minor bugs fixed


  • Wall slide attack audio sound added


  • Several changes have been made to the main menu. A new “Go Premium” button has been added as well as a currency indicator which links to the live shop and several buttons have been repositioned.
  • New items have been added to the live shop. Players can now purchase coin/gem boosters or watch ads in exchange for coins and gems.
  • The hand combat system now gets replaced upon activating a primary weapon. The player can switch back to the hand combat system through the primary weapon inventory menu.
  • Player can now only carry a single secondary weapon for faster swapping between primary and secondary weapons.
  • Secondary weapons no longer auto equip upon pickup – this is to avoid confusion during a battle.
  • New “Game Rating” menu option added to the main menu.


  • New Spread Shot ability added to game shop
  • Several game shop items can now be stacked up several times
  • New Snake enemy added throughout Act 1 and Act 3


  • D-Pad mobile controls resized
  • Spiders on cave levels are now illuminated making them easier to spot
  • Minor UI changes


  • Player death has been disabled on Act 1-1 during training mode
  • New game tips added on Act 1-1
  • New enemy spider added on Acts 1 and 3
  • Several gameplay changes made throughout Acts 1 and 3
  • Improved feedback for water drown sequence
  • Minor game bugs fixed


  • Targeted posts which direct the player towards the end goal now remain enabled when “Reward Ads” option is set to OFF.
  • Discord link added under options in the main menu
  • Increased hit area for d-pad controls for improved control feedback


  • Stomp collision bug fixed upon player death
  • Guailong’s blade jump attack speed increased and slight animation delay removed


  • Default control scheme bug fixed


  • Gamepad bug fixed after completing a reward ad


  • Game tips updated on Act 1-1
  • New Rock climbing gameplay feature added
  • Several gameplay adjustments have been made
  • New “Additional Options” menu has been added to the main menu
  • Historical quotes have been added on game startup (can be disabled under additional options)
  • New hand combat system added as the default attack state
  • Default sword is now accessible from the game store (renamed to Guailong’s blade)
  • Two new additional weapons have been added to the game store (Doombringer battle axe and the Sword of Justice)
  • Shop item prices have been re-adjusted for the head stomp and dash abilities
  • Player can now move slightly forward while melee attacking if the forward control direction is held down during combat
  • Additional gameplay changes make to secret areas and act 3 levels
  • Minor game bugs fixed


  • Wallslide bug fixed with gamepad enabled – this particular bug was disabling the player movement after dislodging from a wallslide state.
  • Minor visual improvements


  • Game ending run sequence bug fixed
  • Level select screen now displays a hard mode icon in the form of a skull above each active level – this is to help identify which levels have been completed on hard mode.


  • Fixed a bug where the player would slide on a slope during a melee attack
  • Fixed a conflict with the dash ability and head stomp ability that was preventing the player from dashing through an enemy while in mid-air.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would run slow across the final level flag with a slow run velocity


  • Incorrect menu titles fixed


  • New FPS Setting option added with 3 different FPS levels.
  • New Camera setting option added with 3 different zoom levels.
  • Minor visual adjustments made to accommodate for the new camera levels.
  • Minor gameplay adjustments made.


  • Code adjustments made to save data mechanism
  • Act 2 boss fight bugs fixed


  • Yeti AI collision adjustments made
  • Updated attack tip note on Act 1-1


  • Reset data disclaimers updated
  • World and Act cards on main menu are now clickable
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor visual changes made on Act 3


  • Yeti ground stomp collision bug fixed.
  • Some sign posts have been repositioned to be less intrusive during an enemy encounter.


  • New “Sign Posts” added for player guidance – also doubles as an opt-in reward ad upon sword strike.
  • Fixed a bug where the force field sound effect would play after the game gets resumed from a pause event
  • Fixed a bug where the pause menu would display after closing an interstitial ad between levels
  • Minor gameplay changes


  • Fixed a bug where the players oxygen meter would trigger (while submerged in water) after damage duration expired with strength of the sea power enabled.
  • Additional ad network added (Google Admob)


  • A recent update introduced a new bug where the last active spawn point was being reset on the main menu screen – this has now been fixed.
  • Moving platform sound effect now gets silenced during a game pause


  • A recent update introduced a new bug where the game data was being reset on the main menu screen – this has now been fixed.
  • Visual bugs fixed on Act 1-3


  • Skip Ending button now gets triggered during game ending statistics
  • Game ending bug fixed with mobile controls enabled
  • Visual edits


  • Last saved active checkpoint now gets reset when changing the game difficulty


  • Legibility improved on Gamepad instructions in the controls menu screen
  • Minor visual enhancements on cave levels


  • Dragon fireball drop bug fixed
  • Light leaks on secret areas fixed


  • Gameplay changes made on Act 1 Level 5
  • Minor game bugs fixed


  • Chest bug fixed on Act 3-4
  • Game ending sequence bug fixed


  • Several game bugs fixed
  • Minor visual improvements


  • Last saved checkpoint now gets cleared upon level completion
  • Sound effect added to moving platforms for improved audio feedback


  • Easy mode health bug fixed on Act 2 boss fight


  • Game now defaults to Easy Mode
  • Reset data screen has been updated to be more informative
  • New sound effects added for breakable platforms
  • Difficulty button on main menu is now colored purple
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bugs fixed on challenge mode
  • All challenge mode levels now contain a power-up


  • Coin pick up bug fixed
  • New “Supreme Warrior” achievement added for hard mode completion


  • Fire ring power bug fixed
  • Chests and keys are now color coded.
  • Visual improvements made
  • Minor gameplay changes made
  • Live store now shows localized pricing
  • More coins and gems are now dropped on hard mode from vases and enemies
  • Vases have been redesigned with a visual cue added making them easier to spot

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